Why go to Crete with a sailing yacht

Crete is an amazing Island. You can find huge mountains, gorges, plains and generally mountainous terrain reminiscent of a mountainous country rather than an island. All these morphological components compose a fantastic coastline, with endless well-hidden secrets and isolated paradises.

Imagine that most of southern Crete is not accessible by road and there is the diamond you can make, but only by sea.
On the south side of Chania is the most beautiful place since from Elafonissi start the beautiful and exotic beaches that are poorly developed without large hotels and facilities. Continuing we meet Kedrodassos and as we continue to the west we discover the real Crete. Kedrodassos, Paleochora, ancient Lissos and Sougia.All these locations are beautiful and with crystal clear blue waters and the ideal way to discover them is a sailboat.
The port of Paleochora is ideal for refueling and from there you can spend the night in the endless small bays that are protected by the westerly or northerly wind that blows during the summer months. After Sougia the landscape changes completely and a beautiful forest begins that grows in the vertical imposing rocks. The deep waters allow you to be very close to the shores and to calmly enjoy all the beautiful beaches.Domata is probably the most beautiful beach in Crete, having a unique natural landscape but also a forest where the branches of the trees touch the foam of the sea! 

A little further we meet Agios Roumeli, a beautiful picturesque village located at the exit of the gorge of Samaria. It has a small port ideal for overnight and of course there is no access by road. It is worth anchoring on the beautiful huge and deserted beach of Agios Pavlos with the picturesque church that exists there dating from the 10th century.Continuing 3 miles further west, you are impressed by the relief of the coast at the exit of the gorge of Aradena, as it looks as if the knife was made on the rocks and divided the land in two. Just below these rocks there is the bay of Marmara (Dialeskari) with the endless caves and the clear blue waters that compose an exotic landscape. Marbles is an ideal place to spend the night by boat, as it is safe and leeward. In southern Chania you do not need to go far to be constantly in incredible places.Lykos is the ultimate sanctuary with unique homemade food in the small family tavern, as well as Finikas which has a small port. 

Just behind these magical villages there is another well hidden oasis of the Libyan Sea and is the Bath. This is the ultimate destination by sailing boat in Chania and Crete and it is worth spending all summer there. Loutro Sfakion is a beautiful fishing village and is completely protected from all seasons, having very good quality food and beautiful clear waters.Loutro as well as the largest part of southwestern Crete is accessible only by boat and right next door there is the beach Glika Nera but also the town of Sfakion which has a small port for refueling and road connection. All these places have the advantage that they never have north winds and waves, even when they blow strong meltemia. The White Mountains with their towering peaks block the north winds and in combination with the steep and secluded beaches that do not have access from the road, are the top destination by sailing boat.Surely with a sailing boat you can discover the hidden secret of Crete and all the beaches that exist there without having a road connection. At the same time, however, you do not have the stress of staying as you can spend the night on the boat and be autonomous in every magic corner.