What boat is ideal for rent in Crete?

Crete is the largest island in Greece with beautiful coastlines in every direction and a boat is an ideal choice to discover. The orientation of the island has its two major aspects to the north and the south.

The north side is very developed as all the big cities of Crete look to the north with the result that the north side is also the one with the most mobility but without much interest.Also in Crete we have north winds mainly in summer with the result that the north side is often very wavy and without good visibility due to the mixed sea. 

So the ideal place for a boat trip is the southern coastline where the sea is almost always calm, as the north winds do not manage to reach the bottom of the island and create ripples. Also on the south side there are no large hotel facilities, there are not many boats and consequently the seas are clear.You can find so many deserted bays that no one else will be there, while in all the ports there you will find a comfortable place even in August! 

The ideal boat for a trip to the south depends on the time available but sailing is an ideal choice. With a sailing boat you will have the absolute autonomy in these places, as you have endless options for spending the night in the deserted coves, while you will be able to moor in almost all the small ports. An ideal place is southwestern Crete as it has the most interesting part with the most beautiful and clearest waters, while the huge mountains that start from the southern coasts, perfectly block the annoying north.Also the island of Gavdos is an amazing choice and perhaps the most exotic place in the Mediterranean Sea. It is 22 miles from the town of Sfakion and there is always air so you can travel only by sail. It has a comfortable and well protected port with electricity and water and beautiful picturesque taverns with fresh delicious fish. Of course even in the heart of summer you will find a comfortable place.If you choose a sailboat for your vacation, it is better to rent from Crete (it exists in the town of Hora Sfakion) in order to save time and hassle to cross the usually turbulent Aegean Sea. Also choose to rent a boat with a captain as the waters are relatively deep and in many places the weather creates strange phenomena.After all, when you go on vacation you go to calm down and it is not nice to have the responsibility of the boat. Besides, the rental price is the same with a captain, while the boat located in southern Crete is large. But even if you do not have much time, a day trip to southern Crete by boat is ideal, because you will see the 3 best beaches with privacy and relaxation, without the noise and the cost of motor boats.